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Carton Skatolo Cutting Plotter-MTC01

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RJMTC01 Technical Parameters Model RJMTC01-1310 RJMTC01-1815 RJMTC01-2516 Effective Cutting Area 1300mm*1000mm 1800mm*1500mm 2500mm*1600mm Overall Dimension (mm) 2300*1400*1000 2800*2000*1000 3500*2100*1000 Operation Properties Work with computer synchronously for quick data transmission,  multi-page file in one time Cutting Materials Corrugated board, plastic corrugated board, Thick grey cardboard,PVC sheet,foam  board, EVA board, KT board, Adhesive sheet, Gasket,Leather Stand...

  • FOB Price: US $10000-30000 / Piece
  • Provizo Kapableco: 50 Piece/Pieces per Month
  • Pordo: Ningbo
  • Pago Kondiĉoj: L / C, D /, D / P, T / T
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    RJMTC01 Teknikaj Parametroj
    Model RJMTC01-1310 RJMTC01-1815 RJMTC01-2516
    Efika Tala Areo 1300mm * 1000mm 1800mm * 1500mm 2500mm * 1600mm
    Entute Dimensio (mm) 2300 * 1400 * 1000 2800 * 2000 * 1000 3500 * 2100 * 1000
    operacio Propraĵoj Laboro kun komputilo sinkrone por rapida transdono de datumoj,  multi-paĝo dosieron en unu momento
    Tala materialoj Corrugada tabulo, plasto corrugada tabulo, Dika griza kartono, PVC folio, ŝaŭmo tabulo, EVA tabulo, KT tabulo, Adhesive folio, Gasket, Ledo
    Norma Iloj Multi funkcio iloj: oscilantes klingo, Creasing rado, plumo, kursoro pozicio
    Operacio Trenu Blade, Kiss-tranĉo, Ŝaŭmo tranĉo
    Tala Dikeco ≤30mm
    Max.Cutting rapido 1000mm / s
    Fiksante Metodo vakuo suĉado
    Ripeti precizeco ≤0.01mm
    Programaro Rezolucio 0.025,0.01,0.1
    interfaco Havenon Ethernet / sendrata WIFI
    buffer Memoro 1G, rapida transdono por multi-paĝa granda dosiero
    komando Mode HP-GL / GP-GL
    formato Kongrua AI, Auto CAD, coraldraw ktp
    kontrolo Panelo 7inch Koloro Ekrano táctil
    Veturado Sistemo Digital Servo motoro, Rekta relo
    Tensio / Potenco AC380V ± 10%, 50Hz
    Fuse 6A / 30A

    Company Core Philosophy                                                                                                                                                                                                                

    A pioneer enterprise holding the innovative idea,creat the maximum value for our client,always striving for being top leader,and forging a local brand Global Famous .
    With spirit of humanism and science,we try to create a stage for every employee’s dream.
    Accumulation of power of integrity and Love,take more social responsibility to make own contribution for improvement of national industrialization.

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    Payment & Delivery                                                                                                                                                                                                                                

    Payment Terms: 50% for deposit, 50% before shipment.(TT,Paypal L/C )
    Package Details: Wooden box
    Delivery: 25-40 days after order confirmation .


    Factory Equipment                                                                                                                                                                                                                              




    Our Service                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              


    Your inquiry will be promptly replied in 12 hours time.
    Price can be negotiated if the order quantity is large.
    The supplier will deliver the goods within 25 natural days after receiving the advance payment.


    A.Customer:Do you have an option to send someone over to install the machine and complete training? Or do you know of a local technician you can recommend?
    Ruk: Yes ,we take RUK technicial to your side install machine and training several days .

    A.Customer :we need to confirm the machine is compatible with of Gerber system
    Ruk:About our machine compatible all could be compatible because we could derive to DXF and PLT file .

    A.Customer: if customer wants to some sampling, how it will be possible.
    Ruk: Yes you could send us material and we will cutting and test .

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