• new arrivals RUK magnetic suspension plotter printer cutter machine foam cutting machine die cutting machine
  • new arrivals RUK magnetic suspension plotter printer cutter machine foam cutting machine die cutting machine

new arrivals RUK magnetic suspension plotter printer cutter machine foam cutting machine die cutting machine

Short Description:

  • FOB Price: US $10000-30000 / set
  • Supply Ability: 100 sets per Month
  • Port: Ningbo
  • Payment Terms: L/C,D/A,D/P,T/T
  • Warrantly : 1 year
  • After-sales : Free of charge
    • new arrivals RUK magnetic suspension plotter printer cutter machine foam cutting machine die cutting machine
    • new arrivals RUK magnetic suspension plotter printer cutter machine foam cutting machine die cutting machine

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    F1 series flatbed cutting machine uses magnetic levitation technology instead of synchronous belt and bearing, which was initiated in the cutting machine industry, the cutting speed is 2.5 times more than conventional machine, precise positioning of the CCD cutting function, so that you can easily locate cutting any material, and can complete the bubble word, reflective material, mobile phone film, gift boxes, flags, banners etc, which can maximize work efficiency and save labour.

    Using the latest magnetic levitation technology
    The cutting speed is twice that of ordinary cutting machines, which can better save costs and floor space. Runjin is the first and only company in China to introduce magnetic levitation cutting technology.

    Zone suction
    Integral zonal suction, automatically turn on the suction function of the working area, deactivate the non-working area, and use the least amount of electricity to achieve the maximum suction effect.

    "Multiple" use of one machine
    Optionally replaceable double sets of machine heads can be added to a maximum of 8 sets. Handpieces with different functions can be easily replaced and added according to actual work needs. It has the functions of milling, vibration full/half-cut cutting, drawing and so on. 

    Imported servo system
    The Mitsubishi servo system imported from Japan ensures more accurate cutting accuracy, faster and more stable operation, and can adapt to 24/7 uninterrupted work, truly realizing unattended operation.


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    Long history: more than 10 years of history

    possess patents and R&D capabilities

    quality management system

    customized process services


    How flatbed cutting machine for printed material processing works?





    瑞利时 CE
    Question: Does this machine have any certificates?

    Answer:Yes, this machine has passed European CE,ISO9001certificate and meet Safety Standard.

    Question: How about the installation of the machine and the after-sales service?

    Answer:We offer machine manual and software manual instructions for each set of machine,also offer videos for your reference and 24-hour online technical support.All of these supports are free,we will be there until you can operate the machine fluently.

    Question: What's the package?

    Answer: Film packaging+wooden case.

    Question: How to operate this machine ?

    Answer: We can provide operating video, user manual or telephone calls to help you. All these are written or speaking in English at present. On site service is also available.
    There is no complicated operation nor special requirement for operator, operating is easy.

    Question: What's the warranty policy?

    Answer: Standard warranty is 12 month upon delivery.three years for core parts: motor,control board,guide rail.But if there is any need pls be free to contact us,we will try our best to meet your needs.

    Question: What is the shipping cost from China to my country?

    Answer: It depends on the distance between you and the sea port. We offer door to door service as long as you pay the relevant cost. For the sea shipping cost you can ask for our advice or you can get from the freight forwarder.

    Question: How to judge if this cutting machine is suitable for me or not?

    Answer: First, you should share about your material (L*W*H,breathable or not) and other specific requirements, such as additional drawing function, punching holes function,etc. We will make the first round judgement based on our experience. If necessary, we will make demo cutting for you, then we will share the video with you and discuss the possible solution.

    Question: Where is your factory located? How can I get there?

    Answer: Our factory is based in ningbo, Zhejiang province,China. You can fly to Ningbo directly. We can pick you up at the air station or train station.


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  • F1-CUT  technical parameters
    Model F1-CUT2516
    Effective Cutting Area(MM) 2500*1600
    Operation Properties Can connect to any CAD software, computer aided design and cutting simultaneously.
    Cutting Speed 300-2000mm/s(depend on different materials)
    Cutting Thickness ≤50MM
    Cutting Materials Various corrugated board, yellow cardboard, red cardboard, PVC board, honeycomb board, PVC foaming board, acrylic, KT board, aluminum plastic board, fibre bottom board and rubber sheet, thick foam etc
    Standard Tools Pen, Cursor, Oscillating Tool, Kiss-cut Tool, Universal Cutting Tool, CCD camera
    Option High speed water-cooled milling tool, V-Cut tool, Foam Cut Tool, Creasing Wheel
    Fixing Method Vacuum System (with counter-blower)
    Repeat precision ≤0.01mm
    Software Resolution 0.025
    Interface Ethernet Port
    Buffer Memory Fast transmission for multi-page large file
    Command Mode HPGL Compatible format
    Control Panel 7 inch Color Touch Screen
    Driving System Magnetic levitation, imported servo motor
    Voltage/Power AC 220V/380V±10% 50HZ
    Pump power 7.5KW
    Total fixed power 14.1KW
    working environment Temp0° ~  35° humidity35%80%

    Standard tool:

    1.Oscillating Tool

    The Oscillating tool adopts the motor imported from Switzerland, the speed is up to 17000RPM/M. It is Widely used in cutting  within 5mm PVC, KT board and other medium-density material, Various types of blades 45°26°.16°for choice to cut different materials


    2.Universal Cutting Tool

    Universal Cutting Tool is used for through-cutting materials within 5 mm. such as PVC film,PVC fabric,PVC sheet and so on.

    3.Kiss-cut Tool

    Kiss-Cut Tool for cutting labels, stickers, vinyl, films and other thin materials, the knife depth can be adjusted automatically, cutting speed can reach up to 1000mm/s

    Optional tools

    1.Creasing Wheel

    Creasing wheel tool is used to do the creasing on the corrugated board, card board,hollow sheet materials, different creasing wheels for different materials can make perfect creasing.

    2.V-cut Tool

    The V-CUT tool is perfect for cutting moderate hard PVC, corrugated,  honeycomb panels to produce complex structural designs. The tool can be set for cutting 4 different angles for different cutting requests, such as:15°30°45°60°

    3.Foam Cut Tool

    Foam Cut Tool is high-frequency vibration motor through the high-speed vibration of the material for all-cutting, mainly for the foam board.

    4.Milling Tool

    Milling Tool with the high speed water-cooling motor up to 60000RPM/M, It has a perfect performance on the hard materials, such as acrylic, Aluminum composite panel, MDF and other high density material, it can also do precise engraving like the kiss cut for different depth.

    5.Driving Rotary Tool

    Driving Rotary Tool, driven by imported motor and cut the materials through high speed rotating blade. It can cut banner cloth, non-woven fabrics and other flexible materials.

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