Application of the RUK cutting machine in Mould factory

Since many people may know our machine could cut paper,sticker,acrylic,box,carton,PVC board etc.but maybe few people know the application in Mould factory.Many people use the RUK Machine because it don’t need the Mould, but how works in the mould factory ? Today we will take you into the Mould factory,and introduce the application of our machine.
How to make a mould ? Here about 4 steps.
The RUK cutting Machine is mainly used in the step of making paper mould. The traditional way is hand make . But is difficult, time consuming and low accuracy. While the RUK Cutting machine can perfect to avoid these shortcomings and has following characteristics.

Easy to make machine operation and cutting path software. Directly for JPG file making no need  pass for CDR or PS or AI.
High cutting accuracy with 1-1.5m /s  and efficiency with 0.01mm , Repeat cut accuracy 0 error and cutting without bleeding.
High stability  for machine  with Japan Mitsubishi ,Swiss motor for Vibration knife,Germany  linear guide , Italy Felt.
Various Cutting materials : KT board, PVC board, snow Buddha board, photo materials, soft film, painting cloth, flag cloth, acrylic, corrugated paper, honeycomb board, foam board, auto sticker, aluminum plastic board, etc .
Low cost of cutting machine  : Low equipment failure rate, low maintenance, low consumables.Service network and way: Fast and timely service. service way localization door to door service way, the local dealer is our service organization.

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Post time: May-19-2021
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