How to choose Tent cloth cutting equipment?

There are various kinds of tents, according to different shapes, different uses have different classification, such as: advertising tents, military tents, miter top tents, 3 season tents, 4 season tents, disaster relief tents, inflatable tents, children’s game tents, etc..Fabric is polyester pongee fabric more, the generally available in the market for 210 t 190 t polyester taffeta, polyester pongee, commonly used materials at the bottom of the PE is the most common, the thickness of the quality stand or fall to basically see it and warp/weft density, better more upscale with Oxford fabric, waterproof processing must be at least above 1500 mm, inside general is breathable breathable nylon or cotton fabrics,Mass depends mainly on its density.

How to choose Tent cloth cutting equipment

As consumer demand increases, more and more people get involved in the tent industry, so at the same time, the competition of tent manufacturers is increasingly fierce, and how to enhance the competitive advantage of the manufacturers is the problem that all tent manufacturers pay close attention to.

To enhance competitiveness is nothing more than two main points, the first point is to promote the quality of the product, from material and the product design, which can attract customers attention,the second point to reduce the production cost of products, to promote the profit margin of the product, no matter from which point,what we recommend can help you realize it–tents automatic cutting machine.

How to choose Tent cloth cutting equipment._副本

Digital knife cutting machine is a automatic cutting equipment essential to tent factory in recent years, the equipment is set automatically feeding, cutting, marking, with functions of automatic typesetting, contrast artificial layout, automatic typesetting can save material by more than 15%, cutting machine and eliminate the waste caused by error of cutting material and cutting accuracy problem, realized the margin improvement for manufacturer.

Tent cutting machine advantages:

1. Save labor.The equipment can replace the labor of 3-5 people, saving hundreds of thousands of wage costs every year.

2. Low cost, safety and environmental protection

2. High efficiency, high precision servo motor, equipment running speed of 300-1800mm/s.

3. High precision, the equipment adopts pulse positioning, automatic error compensation, cutting precision ±0.01mm.

4. Simple operation, minimalist operation, novice can be mastered within two hours.

Post time: May-10-2021
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