Vibration knife cutting machine and laser machine Difference

Vibration knife cutting machine and laser machine1

Oscillating knife cutting machine is driven by high frequency vibration blade up and down movement, to achieve cutting, is contact cutting, laser cutting machine is by very high temperature focusing light source to achieve cutting, non-contact, the two are complementary relationship,

laser cutting machine characteristics:

1. laser because of non-contact cutting, and is high temperature cutting, so for high density materials and iron, aluminum can achieve cutting,

2. Some flexible materials cutting, such as foam board, KT board and other materials are not applicable, which are easy to damage the material, and light-colored materials are easy to cause focal edge.

3. Smells badly, not environmental protection, many local environmental protection departments will check the factory frequently, basically are not allowed to use, so now many factories are no longer used.

4. The purchase cost is low, but the maintenance cost is relatively high in the later stage. A laser tube will cost several thousand RMB.


Oscillating knife cutting machine features:

1.Vibrating blades vibrate up and down when cutting, tens of thousands of vibrations per minute, similar to the principle of a saw blade, but no serrations, no powder.

2.The machine is equipped with 8 sets of tools, the tool head can be freely changed to achieve different materials cutting, such as: kiss cut tool, Universal cutting tool, foam cut tool, milling tool, creasing wheel, etc

3. The edge of the finished product cut out by oscillating knife is smooth, and the size of the cut piece is accurate. It is odorless and environmentally friendly, and both soft and hard materials can be cut.And Its cutting speed is twice that of laser machine.

4. Low use-cost, the basic consumables is the blade, the average service life of a blade in 10-15 days, the basic cost of the use of supplies a year is about one third of the laser machine.

Vibration knife cutting machine and laser machine Difference

On the Oscillating knife cutting machine, RUK has increased its performance, making it more intelligent, accurate and comprehensive, so that it can help you solve more cutting problems.

1. With the increase of speed, the cutting speed of vibrating knife is as high as 1600mm/s, which can increase the production capacity to a greater extent. A cutting machine is equivalent to 3 to 5 workers.

2. The improvement of precision and stability, oscillating knife cutting machine cut material precision up to 0.01mm, can maximize the accuracy of products, improve product quality and competitiveness.

3. With the improvement of intelligence, the vibrating knife cutting machine only needs to input the graphics to be cut in the computer, then it can cut automatically without manual guard.

4.Customization service, support any size of customization and cutting solution design.

Post time: May-25-2021
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