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MEC Cutting System

Product Application

Advertising industry: acrylic cutting, density board cutting, two-color board engraving, all kinds of advertising boards, signage production.
Furniture industry: cutting and engraving of cabinet doors, wooden doors, solid wood, mahogany furniture, antique furniture and various composite boards.
Plate processing industry: insulating parts, plastic chemical parts, PCB, antibiotic plates, epoxy resins, ABS, PP, PE and other carbon-mixed compounds.
Crafts industry: can be used in artificial stone, PVC, wood, bamboo, marble, organic glass, copper and aluminum, etc.
Decoration industry: Carving various exquisite patterns and text on screens, corrugated boards, bamboo, marble, organic boards, two-color boards and other materials.

Product Parameter

Model.NO MEC-1325
Work area 1300*2500mm
Equipment power 1.5kw
Total Spindle Power 3.7kw、40000rpm/ min
Vibration frequency of EOT 18000rpm/ min
Vacuum pump power 7.5kw
Max Processing Speed 72m/min
Repeat position accuracy ±0.05
Moving axis qty. 5Axis
Servo motor qty. 5pcs
Capacity AC380V/50Hz
Overall dimension 2300*3200*1 750mm
Weight 1.5T
File Formats Supported AI/EPS/PDF/DXF/PLT/JPG/TIF

Product Description

The stainless steel cage ensures that the steel balls do not fall when the slider is running, extending the service life of the slider.
Sealing sheet design: The sealing sheets at both ends of the slider have undergone special dust-proof treatment, which reflects the dust-proof advantage in (woodworking and optical fiber industries)
The air pump motor has F-class insulation and national standard power, the copper wire has a temperature resistance of 150 degrees and is cold-rolled 800 silicon steel. The bearings are made of NSK, and the seals are made of fluorine rubber, which is more resistant to high temperatures.
It has multiple control functions such as pulse bus, easy to install quickly, strong and durable variable load control capabilities, and convenient and practical motion control functions, bringing an efficient and smooth operating environment to the equipment and optimizing the production efficiency and output value of the equipment.

Adopting industrial PVC board: strong, weather-resistant, high flatness, not easy to be deformed under strong load, and the internal honeycomb structure for smooth air circulation. Optional zoned suction, super strong wind, strong suction.

According to actual needs, it can be equipped with two automatic feeding systems, coil and plate, to achieve continuous cutting.
High-end high-speed motion control system: with independent intellectual property rights, precise cutting head movement and smooth curved movement.

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Ningbo RUKING Electrical Technology Co., Ltd is MEC Cutting System Manufacturers and MEC Cutting System Suppliers,a high-tech enterprise engaging in Industrial automation system, equipment and related spare parts, as well as its full set of program’s R&D, manufacturing, sales and service.RUK Tech owns a professional team consisted of competent and integrity people, who hold an important post on respective dept, machinery, electronics, computer software and management. We also have cooperation in program’s R&D with well-know university domestic and overseas, especially bringing in Europe’s technology and experts. We independently researched and developed CAD/CAM integrated NC cutting system, as well as controller and driving demanded in automation field.

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